Change My World Recovery was born out of the frustrations with typical addiction counseling practices, traditions, and an inability to progress at an acceptable speed. There are a lot of things the field has done right and with the best of intentions, but I find some of the “rules” governing traditional addiction counseling to not fit in the person-centered positive psychology space I prefer. By identifying as a Recovery/Moderation Coach, I can best serve clients looking to make life changes and find recovery on their terms. CMWR lets the client decide what works for them and their life and only asks the client to consider options that stem from evidence-based practices and research that is contemporary.

For those with alcohol use disorder, I use the principles of evidence-based alcohol moderation techniques with or without medication. Clients will learn to moderate their alcohol use to achieve life-long moderation or sobriety if they choose. For those struggling with substances other than alcohol, I offer recovery coaching to assist achieving sobriety. This is your journey and your choices, and my coaching/counseling style is to meet you where you are at, motivate you and help you find long-term solutions for substance abuse. In my experience, most people who have been successful in moderation or sobriety have found new purpose in their lives and reclaimed passions that diminished with the use of substances. Purpose, passion, and connection are almost always lost in substance abuse and can be found again with simple interventions. Change My World Recovery offers service packages and a variety of payment methods. Initial consultation and screening are complementary to make sure we are a good fit. I look forward to meeting you!